17-7PH or X7CrNiAl

17-7PH or X7CrNiAl

Werkstoff number: 1.4568

Correspondence to specifications:

W. n. 1.4568; UNS S17700; 17-7 PH; EN 10270-3; X7CrNiAl; AISI 631

Main applications:

It is often used for complex parts thanks to its low distorsion level under thermal treatment. Very stable Material used in a huge variety of springs, washers and elastic components.


The presence of aluminium in the tests, associates the wire‘s great ductility with the spring‘s high mechanical characteristics.
While having lower mechanical characteristics compared to AISI 302, it can be used for complex-form springs.
After heat-precipitation treatment, the springs have superior mechanical characteristics compared to the ones obtained with AISI 302.